10 Symptoms of Lymphoma

1. Lower Back Pains.

As a result of swollen lymph nodes, the nerves become squeezed and cause lower back pain therefore people suffering from lymphoma experience this as a symptom. The back pains occur in the presence of other symptoms of this disease. Enlarged glands that squeeze on organs, bones and other structures cause pain to the back, chest, abdomen and other infected parts. This symptom is usually considered less serious but it makes lymphoma easy to diagnose.

Lymphoma causes many different symptoms depending on the type of lymphoma and the place where it has developed in the body. Most of these symptoms are common with other ailments therefore consulting a doctor before ruling out that one is suffering from this is advised. Some symptoms of lymphoma are more common and develop faster than others. Furthermore, it is categorized in over 60 different types but all these have been sorted out into; Hodgkin lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The symptoms are what differentiate these two categories.

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