7 Signs of COPD

1. Chronic Cough

Chronic cough is usually regarded as the first notable symptoms for those who have contacted COPD. The coughing at most times are usually persistent and often worse in the early mornings. Coughing is considered a natural reaction which provides protection from inhaled substances like cigarette smoke and other substances which causes irritation in the chest cavity. For COPD patients the coughing is an indication that the lung has been damaged and is usually accompanied by increase mucus production.

The lung does produce additional mucus so as to trap the inhaled smoke or other foreign particles from making contact with other parts of the lungs. Though it is normal for the air passages to produce small amounts of mucus on daily basis in order to keep the air passages moist; COPD infection can increase this amount by three times and this would lead to persistent coughing in a bid to get rid of the excesses.

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