8 Symptoms of Alzheimers

7. Losing things and problems retracing the steps:

We have all lost things before, think back to the first time you could not find the car keys. Normally, when people without Alzheimers start to think about the last time they remember having their keys and think about what they did since that time in order to trigger a memory that will allow them to remember where they put them. After a while they start to retrace their steps and normally find the keys. However; people with cognitive impairment will not be able to think about previous occasions as sequentially as regular people, they may instead simply become confused and wander about aimlessly. Many people struggling with cognitive impairment may keep their household items in odd locations, like milk in the cabinet, or keys in the fridge. These occurrences could be an indication of Alzheimers disease. Withdrawing from social activities or from work to avoid embarrassment is quite common.

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