Best Known Foods in 10 European Countries

8. Poland

Kiełbasa is similar to German Wurst, but they each have a distinct taste. Unless one is a professional food critic it would be difficult to write down the differences. However; when it comes to taste, individuals almost immediately know whether they are eating Wurst, or Kiełbasa. Oftentimes, when grilling Kiełbasa the individual would take a knife and make several slashes on the top of it. This is so that the juices can seep out, rather than pop over the fire. Many Polish people eat Kiełbasa with bread and sarepska mustard which is essentially mustard with horseradish. (or chrzan in Polish.)

Poland is the world capitol for Pierogi. As the Polish can make them in many ways. There are sweet Pierogi; such as with blueberries or strawberries inside. These can be mixed with sour cream and sugar for a very refreshing desert. There are savory pierogi, with meat on the inside. However, the most popular type of pierogi are the Ruskie Pierogi. Contrary to popular belief, these do not originate from Russia, rather they are from a region of Poland called Red Ruthenia. These Pierogi are often enjoyed steamed. Although the most popular way of consumption is fried along with fried onions to compliment them.

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