7 Beneficial Essential Oils Against Cancer

While doctors only recommend chemotherapy and radiation to defeat cancer, some others succeeded against this disease using alternative treatments. The use of cancer fighting oils make one of the best alternative and natural solutions according to cancer survivors and researchers.

Although it may raise some skeptic eyebrows, scientific studies provided strong backing on the effectiveness of a few select essential oils. Apart from this, history of healing by these healthy oils happened centuries ago. It may not serve as an official cure for cancer as seen by medical professionals, the ability of essential oils in preventing and actually, treating cancer-affected cells should not go unnoticed and unused. As for someone who acquired a debilitating disease, there is nothing to lose in trying such healthy and natural solutions.

We listed a few essential oils that can prevent cancerous cells from reproducing and annihilate them from your body.

#1 – Frankincense Oil

cancer fighting oils - frankincense

Frankincense essential oil originates from the sap of a tree named Bosweling. This sap contains a pleasant and comforting fragrance used for stimulating and elevating the mind. Doctors also used this oil as an important ingredient in producing products for aging and dry skin. Although Frankincense usually comes as an ingredient in perfumes and other skin care products, researchers also reveal its impressive potential as a medicinal remedy.

According to studies, cancer fighting oils like Frankincense works powerful against bladder, breast and skin cancer. Frankincense fights tumor development and can function as an effective anti-inflammatory influence on cells to fight against several types of cancer.

Current research also finds apoptotic functions in Frankincense, which terminates activities and the cancer cell itself. Debates are still ongoing about other anti-cancer components of Frankincense but documents already show how it does against the said condition.

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