Mother Sues Netflix After “Netflix N Chill” Session Resulted In Her Daughter’s Pregnancy

“It happened like you thought it did” said Andrea, “First, we were a watching a movie on Netflix and then of all a sudden there was a p*nis in my mouth. Then from there we had sex he didn’t pull out. It’s like Netflix intentionally makes their movies boring so one can fall into this trap.

The video streaming giant has not yet responded to the lawsuit, but it will be expected for them to do so in the next coming day. Some experts even say that you should cancel your Netflix subscription and subscribe to Hulu instead. “73% of ‘Netflix N Chill’ dates lead to sexual intercourse, while only 12% of ‘Hulu N Chill’ dates lead to sexual intercourse”, says Psychiatrist Ana Jennings when asked.

Andrea’s baby is expected to be born next March.




This is satire.