8 Signs That You May Have Colon Cancer

4. Anemia:

With the persistent loss of blood through rectal bleeding, anemia is usually the by-product. This means that there aren’t enough red blood cells in your blood stream. These are essential for carrying oxygen to all corners in your body, so when not enough of these are present, a whole range of health problems begin to appear. For one thing, you will be faced with sudden weakness. Other symptoms such as fatigue and exhaustion would then begin to manifest in your everyday life. However, this isn’t all, shortness of breath may also occur. But if this is all you’re experiencing, it may not always be colon cancer you’re dealing with. Perhaps you just aren’t healthy and need to change your diet plan. In either case, let the professional make the call, because colon cancer symptoms can be quite subtle, as well as difficult to connect to diagnoses of colon cancer.

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