10 Effective Ways To Prevent Hair Loss For Men

Hair loss, also known as baldness for men, refers to partial or complete reduction of hair from different body parts due to many reasons. This naturally happens while hair follicles go through normal phases.

In average, a person loses about 25 to 100 bits of per day due to increased sensitivity to sex hormones or heredity. Male hair loss appears as the most common case of hair loss. The bad hair condition usually starts in men aged 20 to 30 and follows a typical pattern.


Hair also considered as the male crown, sums up the confidence of a man especially when going out for a date or even by just having simple conversations with other people. Of course, with the exception of bald men who wanted to shave their heads off.

Hair-styling takes a lot of time and care. Many people including men, get drawn to using new hair products to earn a place in the world of fashionistas. However, they neglect to investigate about the negative effects it can bring to the hair.

So what will you do if that male crown starts to fall? Some medical treatments to prevent hair loss such as hair transplant and oral medications exist but you will need a huge amount of investment. We gathered these cost-efficient tips to help you prevent hair loss for men.

#1 – Regularly Wash Your Hair With Mild Shampoo

prevent hair loss - mild shampoo

Good hygiene and hair care through regular washing helps because clean hair avoids dandruff which causes great damage to your hair. You may choose from a number of anti-dandruff shampoo for men in different stores.

Make sure that your hair stays in shape and clean. Dryness of the hair also indicates the kind of shampoo to use so it will help hydrate the strands.

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