Top 10 Funniest Halloween Food Creations You Should Try


Halloween is a special time of year in which everybody can allow their inner child to come out. The boring world we have grown accustomed to changes a little as society tries to incorporate horror and excitement into everyday life. Kids go Trick or Treating, and College students dress up and party. One of the most commonplace traditions for Halloween however, is the making of holiday themed foods! Here are a bunch of examples of peoples attempts at making Halloween themed food!

10. Pumpkin treats.


9. Ghost Cupcake.


8. Banana Ghosts


7. Frankenstein Rice Krispies


6. Mummified Hot Dog

(nice try)


5. Scarecrow Nacho Plate


4. Skeletal Cake Pops


3. Jack-O Lantern Cookies



2. Skeleton Eggs


1. Marvels Spider Man Candy Apple