Top 9 College Classes to take/audit after graduating.

8. Business law: Anyone who is attempting to become an entrepreneur should definitely check out a business law class. Knowing about certain aspects of running a company could be very helpful when trying to successfully launch a startup from the ground up. For example; many businesses create secondary companies in order to keep down costs. Costco, for instance claims to pay it’s employees 50,000 a year. However; if one is to look into that claim, they will realize that many of the people working at Costco are not actually employees of Costco, but rather a secondary company run by the parent company Costco. As a business owner, one could also create fabrications such as the aforementioned ones in order to improve their companies image. There is much to learn from taking business law; we have only scratched the surface. So if deciding on a college class; if you are an entrepreneur, then business law may be for you.

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