10 Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease occurs once neurotransmitters- producing cells in the brain begins to die off. In most cases this disease goes unnoticed and by this time, one could have lost up to fifty percent of the dopamine producing neurons. However, early medication can help you preserve a great number of them. These are the major signs of parkinson’s disease. If noticed early and the patient is put under medication, the disease can easily be put under control. So the following are early symptoms of this disease:

10. Loss of sense of smell.

This is one of the oldest but least-known sign. In most cases, patients do not recognize this sign earlier until very late when the disease has progressed. Apart from loss of smell, one can as ell experience loss of taste because these senses overlap so much. Dopamine is a chemical that carries the signals between the nerves, muscles and the brain. Once its cells have died off, the sense of smell and taste becomes impaired.

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