7 Beneficial Essential Oils Against Cancer

#2 – Chamomile Oil

cancer fighting oils chamomile

Chamomile comes in two varieties of flower, commonly as the Roman and German chamomile. Most people consider chamomile as one of the most primitive medicinal plants known worldwide. It also contains therapeutic properties necessary for producing herbal teas. In addition, its flower carries chemical properties called flavonoid and terpenoids which provide curative effects in the different diseases like fever, insomnia and gastrointestinal infection.

Besides therapeutic function and its role in treating common ailments, studies also identified Chamomile oil as a remedy to cure cancer. Chamomile contains apigenin, a bioactive component known as key cancer fighters. Apigenin also help fight skin, breast, ovarian cancers. Studies also showed less chamomile-caused growth of healthy cells. However, observers noted significant decrease of cancer cells especially those that often develop to prostate cancer.

Studies continue to dig deeper in the role of chamomile oil when it comes to cancer treatment. So far, evidence suggests promising contribution in development of new medicines or natural solutions against the debilitating condition.

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