7 Beneficial Essential Oils Against Cancer

#3 – Rosemary Oil

essential oil cancer rosemary

Many people use this pungent green herb known as Rosemary in cooking, toiletry as fragrance, and controlling bubonic plague in gardens. This herb carries loads of powerful photochemicals and therapeutic properties. Besides its aroma, soothing scent, and ability to enhance memory, rosemary essential oil can do a greater wonder as studies would suggest.

A powerful chemical in rosemary known as carnosol, serves as a rich antioxidant and a good anti-inflammatory solution. Moroever, experts acknowledged carnosol’s effectiveness against different types of cancer. Another specific study concludes that rosemary at 1% concentration, can disable more than 90% of liver and ovarian cancerous cells.

Recent studies show the capabilities of rosemary to defend against extensive damage of cell membranes, DNA tampering and even the apoptosis – the death of cells. It also supports rosemary to be a strong anti-tumor in many regions of the body involving the liver, stomach, and colon.

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